billy goat vacs


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Southern, Maine
We have a 11hp Billy-Goat loader. We mounted it on front of truck and run exaust hose over front to the rackbody. The intake is about 5feet long, for we suck the leaves up with our Walker mowers dump in front of truck vac em up and load mowers on trailer to next job. I wouldnt run more then 15feet on the intake I think you would loose some of the suction power. And if you are wondering why over the front you need to mount it on front or back and if its out back you cant run the trailer do to rackbody height, I seen some dump trucks with them up high to prevent clearance problems. But we opted for easy front mount works mint!


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Brian there is a company in my town that mounts their billy goat to their western uni-mount plow undercarriage. I had never seen that done before but i guess other people do put their loaders in the front.


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I would agree with landscaper3, The more hose the lose of vaccum power. Wish i had those walkers to dump right at the truck. I have a push vac billygoat, I seldom use the hose, and really only use it on the streets, I mostly blow then get on the Z and mulch. Marks Mowing Service


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Company here in town has a vac setup on the front using the Western mount as the attaching point. Really well thought out. The discharge pipe is heating duct pipe and it stops about a inch from the collection box. This allows the body to dump without ever unhooking anything.

It looks like it would be very hard to see driving though. I plan to setup same idea on front and using snow plow mount, except the unit I will use has quick connects on the discharge hose already, so I will not have hose hooked up while driving.

I have a 6hp vac unit from a Cyclone Rake that has a 15 foot 6 inch vac hose. I had two extra 10' pieces of hose that I just duct taped together to make a 35' hose just for the heck of it to see if it would work. Never skipped a beat. That was just playtime thing, no production work, but it sucked up a few big piles with no problem.