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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by McLawn, Nov 8, 2000.

  1. McLawn

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    Do any of you use Billy Goat Vacuums for leafs and are they worth there money or is it better to used mower vac systems.
  2. landscaper3

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    Small yards they may work good but we do Everything with our Walker mowers they cut and bag real nice to give that nice manicured look without all those clippings or leaves left behind. But your better off spending the money to buy a real good bagging mower whether its a Walker, Toro, Exmark, Dixie or whatever you like best thats the route to go. You can pick up all clippings and fall leaves cigg butts and more with a bagging system on one of these types of mowers and you will have more use of it.
  3. yardsmith

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    from Ohio
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    was going to buy one 3 yrs ago but 800-900 for one (21" or so) is a little steep. Not the greatest on grass vacuuming; a push mower with bagger works better.
    If you had a commercial contract with sidewalk or parking lot cleanup, you could make good time & $$ on it. I don't have any like that yet.
    Later that summer I bought a Simplicity Sunrunner with 8hp & 36" bagging capable deck for $750 in mint cond. Got a much better deal with that. I still have it too.
  4. powerreel

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    I have 2, briggs motor and honda motor, love 'em.

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