Billy goat vs Better outdoor product

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ZaK18, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. ZaK18

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    I have always used toro 21" mowers because my customers prefer the way it make the yard look. Last year I burned myself out doing 12 yards a day with a push mower and i need to get a walkbehind. Heres the problem, the soil around were I work is real soft and a 450LB piece of equipment leaves ruts, many of my clients switched over to my service because I use prolines.

    There are many things I like about the 3 blade mowers including: weight - they only weight about 300 lbs / manuverability- I only mow residential propertys and they look like they would be very easy to use because of how short they are / cost - under $2000

    I went to the dealer and the billygoat looks like a solid mower.

    Has anyone used one?

    Do you think that it would give the same quality cut as an Exmark/Toro 32"?
  2. Hodge

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    Soft soil? Clay is the predomenent substrate here with a little dirt on top of it.

    Commerical mowers have a larger track on their tires which helps out on leaving the ruts. I use 32, 36 and 48 mowers (all exmark) and have only left marks with the uneven ground by the gates.
  3. ZaK18

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    All my lawns are in a new housing development - The builders add six to twelve inches of top soil on top of pack sand which like you said on top of clay. This prohibites water from draining to say the least its like walking on a sponge. after a good rain even the wheels on the 21" sink deep in the slop ( you should see what the walkbehinds do)

    I think the wheels on the billygoat are the same width as on the exmark
  4. mowinmoney

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    I would use the 21" mowers and charge accordingly. 12 a day would be rough, unless you were making twice as much.
  5. brucec32

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    I prefer the better outdoor products design, especially the ability to reverse, but my needs require less than 36" of deck. Anyone actually mowed with the billy goat yet?

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