Billy goat vs. little wonder


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Springfield, MO
I am looking to see which one of the above mention leaf vacuums that you think are better. I have been doing research on the Billy Goat leaf vac and the Little Wonder leaf vac. I have been advised to go with the little wonder and then today someone else advised me to go with the Billy Goat. So I am trying to see which one is better and to get a vote on which one would be better for my business. Thanks
If you have a preference please let me know which on and why you would choose that one.


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Jackson, NJ
What have you found so far? What are the pros and cons of each? Why would you choose one over the other? Which one does the dealer nearest you service or sell?

It's not a matter of which one everyone else thinks is better, it's a matter of what makes good business sense for YOUR business, and no ones knows that better than you.

You do know that don't you?