Billy Goat vs. Little Wonder

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ULTIMATE LAWN, Apr 11, 2003.


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    Was going to purchase another Little Wonder but a few things about the BG caught my attention.

    13hp Honda Billy Goat weighs------- 152lbs
    13hp Honda Little Wonder weighs-- 179 lbs

    The Billy Goat has the hand operated exhaust control AND can convert to a front discharge blower.

    Any reason not to buy the 13hp BG (weighs the same as a 9hp Little Wonder so it can be easily pushed as opposed to the 13hp LW)
  2. Angelo

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    I went with the little wonder myself, I heard to many people say that the billy goat plastic end would fall off on the trailer, I am sure for many it works just fine. the concept is great being able to direct air up and down but I would like it better if it was made of metal. I think if you go to little wonder you'll see that it does put out more cfm's but don't quote me. If you go to little they do some tests comparing the blowers. The little wonder does get heavy pushing up hills, and thats why I am getting jrco attachment for the rider and blower. Then again I never owned a billygoat so I am partial to little wonder. after reading this I don't think i helped at all,
  3. Buba

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    Try the goat, you'll love it. Lighter weight and just as powerful. At the end of the day it really adds up. The engine also works less because the fan is not steel, but high impact plastic. Demo one and you will see.
  4. Darryl G

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    The BG uses a 90 degree plastic extension that silides onto the regular chute to blow forward. It definitedly can fall off while trailering, so I just take it off and store it until I need it. I can't say I use it often, but it has come in handy. Being able to direct the air flow is a BIG plus.
  5. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    Ditto what buba said :D

    atlantec landscaping logo-small.jpg

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    This according to BG.

    "Each of our blower models utilize a glass-filled nylon fan versus steel. This helps reduce noise, weight and gyro forces. This also improves engine life by keeping weight off the crank shaft and makes starting easier.

    Having a lighter fan on our blowers gives us the opportunity to create a fully welded engine base. This makes our blowers structurally stronger with very little vibration at the handle for the operator.

    Patented Exhaust Director allows the operator to direct the air exactly where you want it, when you want it. Also, made of hard plastic to keep the overall weight of the unit down. "

    I'm likely going to switch to BG because of the weight.

    JEFF ZALMANOFF LawnSite Member
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    i just bought my second little wonder its a 13 hp honda with the swivel front wheel kit on it , it is great , super easy to roll and steer , it has bigger tires than a bg unit and it is such a faster machine with a swivel wheel up front , it is a time saver and it has a 5 year warranty , on the unit , engine 2 years, get a little wonder you will be happy , jeff
  8. John Gamba

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    It's Hard to use the BG With the Jrco BLOWER BUGGY You Can't reach The Handle To Operate The Chute. Have You Tryed Pushing The 152 Pound BG Up A Hill? And I Think The Little wounder Just Blows Better. You Might Find That the 9hp LW Will Blow the Same as The 13hp BG ? Try them.
  9. mdb landscaping

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    i like the littel wonder better. personally, i dont see the need for that operator control chute. on the little wonder, its set up so on the bottom, you have the chute that blows where you want it, and then it shoots air up top to blow the piles down. i think its more powerful than the billygoat, and built a lot better. just my opinion.
  10. Darryl G

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    John - I don't get your point. Why can't you just lock the chute in place. You don't need to have your hand on the handle.

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