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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ScotLawn, Nov 20, 2002.

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    Ok guys. I'm sure you have seen the two posts i have about the trac-vac and about the walker i found for leaf cleanup. I am also looking at an option to get a billy goat vac to do the leaf pickup after i mulch the piles with my metro. I know the walker would be better or even the trac-vac but so far I only have the ok for about 1k to spend for now. I don't have alot of yards to do leaf clean up on but the ones i do are large. trac-vac or walker would be better but if no $$$ then no other option.

    what do you guys think about the use of a billy goat wb vac for piles of choped up leaves on site to bag. I don't have the truck or trailer to use tarps and use a large leaf box and a truck mount vac. budget ain't there for that option. $1000 is alot of money in my book and i want to make good use of my money. right now anything will be better than the Exmark bag that is on my metro or the bag on my 21" honda.
  2. I use mine for leaf work , but its on small gated yards. Best advice would be to rent one for a day before spending the 1K.
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    For vacuuming up piles? Sure, let's think about this. We can stand there, slowly sucking these thing in, waiting for our "bag to get full, all the while burning gas doing it. OR, we could lay down a tarp, push the heavy stuff on with our feet if necessary, rake the rest of it on, taking a small FRACTION of the time of the vacuum machine, and we're not even burning gas doing it. Let alone, paying for another piece of equipment, and lugging it around. No, I just don't see the cost feasibilty there.
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    With your metro and side bag, you can do some damage to the leaves.

    ** disclaimer **
    cant do this while the leaves are wet.

    What I do, go arround the property, discharging everything into the center. Once you have windrows of leaves, break them into smaller piles about 8-10ft long and keep driving in circles, discharging into the middle of the pile. After about 15 circles, the leaves will be in extremely small pieces (1/20- 1/30 th the original size) and then move on to another pile. Pick up the piles with your bag on the metro and dump as needed. Although it seems like it takes a while, it is faster than jsut strait picking up the leaves with the bag. I did a few props this way on monday and the leaf volume was tiny compared to what was there originally.
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    Runner if you would have read in my post i don't have a leaf loader or a truck big enough or trailer big enough to do that with for now and this is a rual area with no city leaf pickup. So now what do i do with the tarps of leaves. got to bag them some how.

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    What I do is mulch them all up first, similar to what Jason described, and then tarp them. The material is dramatically reduced by them. If your bagging, it's all the same. There is still material to move. I was just describing the method of actual pickup, was all. I'll tell you though, when I first started, the guy I worked for, that's how HE used to do it. We'd go in, blow allthe leaves, tarp them, and take them to the truck. THEN we'd mow. I did that myself for awhile, until I discovered mowing them first helps make them move alot easier as they are shuffled to the top and reduced from cutting. But even after I have them gathered, THIS is when I turn the material to dust. I can get several yards worth of leaves on my truck by turning them to dust. It's fast and easy, and a BIG spacesaver. When we did them before, the other way, we would get up on the truck, and walk them down every couple of tarploads or so. As I think back on this, BOY! What an inCREDible waste of time!:rolleyes: If only I knew then what I know now!:dizzy: :D

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