Billy says hi to all of you


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and yes even to you morris:laugh:

i missed my usual phone call to Billy last night (i talk to him 2-3 times a week) so the bugger called me a bit ago (don't normally bother them on the weekend).

here's what's going on in Billys world, a couple of times a week he gets physical therapy. they are working on his right arm, hand and leg. he can stand with help and can move around in his wheelchair alone, get in and out of bed and into and out of the car alone.

he likes the therapy and the people that are helping him must have a lot of faith in him since they are lobbying for more therapy time and not kicking him to the curb. :)

i asked him about voice therapy and he is getting some coaching, he thinks he is improving and i do also...go Bill :)

a friend of his wife is a massage specialist (lack of better word, my first choice was massager gal:hammerhead:), i asked how he liked the rub and stretching and he was pretty excited acting, i did ask if she was cute and got a positive response from Bill. you have to realize that we communicate in a yes-no-yea-nah-oh god-humph lingo. i ask him questions and give him a series of responses to expand beyond simple yes and no Q&A. we really can communicate well this way.

anyhow, Billy does see the forum from time to time and does miss the gallery, over time i think he will get better and be able to communicate decently, if he can he will be able to consulting or design work. he is very good at both.

he did want me to say hi special to you Boots


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Jackson, NJ
I don't know who Billy is but what happened to him? It sounds as though he's doing okay.
Did he have an accident of some sort or a medical situation like a stroke?