Billy the Exterminator Vs Rat Busters NYC

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ric, Aug 21, 2011.

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    I just finished watching Rat Busters NYC on animal planet. Great program and very realistic. I could really identify with all the comments about each customer and everyday problems. But while I enjoyed the program and hate how Billy the Exterminator portrays our industry, I think Billy will bring in a bigger market share. Billy the Exterminator is the master of made up Drama and unsafe practices and that seems to sell.

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    So...he's a Democrat.
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    thats a good one........:)
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    What I noticed on Billy's show is how he pushes orgasmic, politically correct insect control. What PMP uses an emulsion of clove oil for exterior pests such as spiders. Great, now the house will smell like a dentist's office. That aerosol of pyrethrum that he uses inside is a different story. My understanding is that pyrethrum is very safe for people, except when it is inhaled and there he is spraying away in a closed room. I know a few PMP's, none of them operate the way this guy does.
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    The owner of Magic, Hal Byer, saw your post and he wanted to thank you for the compliment. Of course Jimmy & Michael can be funny but when we were approached to do the show the one thing we impressed upon Animal Planet was that we were not going to be portrayed as anything but the professionals that we are. Stop by our office for a cup of coffee anytime.

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    Kudos to Magic Pest Control and all their techs. You don't know how happy I am to see real Professionals at Work. I really Identified with the Comments about the Customers. They were real and Right on. I believe any one who has worked with the Public can Identify. The work is not pleasant and the last thing we need is to be looked down on. Keep up the Fine work.

    I am sorry But Billy and his Hoop-La and unsafe Practices really hurt the Perception of our Industry. As Green Doctor pointed out, Billy pushes Orgasmics, But not in a safe way. Read just about any "Thrin" Label and Fire Wood is a No No. The reason is what Green Doctor pointed out about Thrins being toxic if inhaled. Even "Thrins" that have aged on Fire wood give off a Toxic Valor. I could go on and on Picking Billy apart with his Black homemade GOTHIC Bee suit and Halloween mask. BTW Bees will attack Black Long before white and that is why Bee Suits are always White.

    I sorry but Billy and company really show how stupid the American Public has become.
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    Having Lived in Louisiana for several years I can a sure Billy is a Democrat. In fact it is a cold day in Hell when a Republican even wins Dog Catcher. Who ever wins the Democratic Primary wins the General election.
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    While I no longer actively seek Trapping work I am still licensed as a Wild Life Nuisance Trapper and Structural Pest Control operator. THE SAME LICENSES AS BILLY. You may add me to your list of those who don't operate like Billy.

    In the Below picture I am about to tape the Mouth shut and the hind feet so the little guy doesn't kill me with the swing of his tail. But rather than chase him around the lake which I don't have time for. I tie my Bait to the Bank with a Re bar stake. The hook is malleable steel and the Gators Acid in his mouth with erode it away in a few weeks. The gator bites the Chicken Bait hung just above the water and is hooked to the Stake in the lake Bank. By the time I check the Bait or the Customer calls me the Gator is slap worn out from Fighting the hook. Just to be sure he good and worn out I will tug on the Hook line and let him fight it some more before pulling it in. But unlike Billy This guy was relocated to Gator farm for fattening. Florida law doesn't allow us the Relocate or Release wild animals. That leaves either Euthanizing or your own private zoo. Poisonous Snakes I must Kill on the spot and Do so with my Truck Exhaust pipe rather than discharging a gun which carries a heavy fine now.



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