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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ric, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Ric

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    Last night I watched Billy the Exterminator on A & E TV with mixed emotions before I turned it off. The FOOL gives our industry a bad name and at the same time promotes it. His getting stung and bitten is both Stupid and entertaining not unlike the Movie Jackass. But he is anything but Professional IMHO.

    I have the same Licenses including Nuisance Wildlife trapping and at one time I had the Gator trapping license also. Florida Gator Trapping in urban areas is done from a Revolving list. The State FWC issues a Permit and who ever is on the top of the list gets it. You make your money by selling the gator and not charging the Homeowner.

    But back to the stinging and Bitting. The darn fools will stand on a Fire ant nest for the camera. I ended up turn off the 4 hours of Billy last night and not watching but a little of it. I mean here they are with a aerosol spray can trying to take down a huge nest of Wasps, Yellow Jackets or Bees. HELLO my Bee Suit cost $ 72.00 including shipping. BTW It is White because stinging insects are attracted to dark colors when on the attack. Then they tell how Brother Ricky is allergic to Bee stings. HELLO what part of Stupid are they missing.

    BTW They also got Busted to Dope when they Filmed the Oil Spill show. You can google the Bust. But once again if you go around dressed like they do and draw attention to yourself as having a Doper's life style, What can you expect?????

    Sorry But I could go on and on about the stupid crap they pull. BUT I must also admit I have learned some tricks from the show also. One such trick was the Fence used for Trapping armadillo. I already knew to use barriers to guide the armadillo to the trap. what I learned was to use the folding wire boarder fencing as the Barrier. What they didn't do was bait the trap with Earth worms in a Cheese cloth or Nylon stocking.
  2. fl-landscapes

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    Im sure like all realty tv shows they are looking for ratings and a properly run extermination business would be of the air after one show. People enjoy watching a train wreck. No doubt it hurts the image of the industry. Im am sure half the crap they do is staged.
  3. Ric

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    Yep Staged for sure and very poor acting at that. You know when it is commercial time because Billy Yells like he is a hurt little girl every time.

    I saw an episode of Dirt Jobs that lead to the Full time show. Billy was some what Goth in his wardrobe but not the the extend he is now. His Hair and the Chopped Mullet wasn't yet in place. The Dysfunctional family is a take off of Orange County Choppers and his brother Ricky is the same Dumb person as the Brother on OCC. If this show wasn't about Pest control I wouldn't give it a second look.
  4. cgaengineer

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    I watched it for the first time last night...lame. Its like a soap opera.

    I loved Rickys wife/ex-wife coming to the limo dealer and jumping all over him in front of the client...what a pro.

    The house with the roaches...the cop called Vexcon...who does the bill get sent too? I'm pretty sure the old man didn't have the money to kill the roaches.

    Oh and they called those roaches...they aint seen shat until they open a manhole cover in FL...I have seen the inside of the manhole tiled with the palmetto variety aka the American roach)...(childhood memory/horror)
  5. stan the man

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    yes the show is Stupid but a do watch the show. i met billy he is ok guy he is not like what he is on the all you guy know when you are tv you do it for tv.
  6. gregory

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    i watched it a time or 2 like the other shows they are all pretty lame.. the repo show is even worse in my opinion......drama makes ratings its that shimple.. and for those who dont know they dont know any better they think every LCO is like him which is pretty bad....

    SCAG POWER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well I will admit I watch the show. Last night was so rad. They get a call from billy's mom asking them to back to a place where they had been before. So they get to the duck blind . Looking for an alegator. Ricky jumps in all of a sudden Billy yellls snake.Ricky sees the snake and the the gator raises it's head. He jumps out. Billy is going to try get the snake with out any type of tool at all............... I change the channel. Sticking your hand near a water maocasin............ not a good Idea...........
  8. Ric

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    As a Wildlife Trapper I go to forum that deal with trapping. Billy is not discussed on those sites. But the snake dance they put on is only for show. I have clean out a few ponds of Water Moccasins and I never had to jump in with them. It is called a Trap and there are several kinds of trap that don't require getting any where close to them. Just bait them up and let nature take it's course. Once in the trap or stuck to Glue Board the snake becomes harmless. But that not good TV.
  9. humble1

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    I am man enough to say i have watched the show, I also have caught a few Jersey Shore episodes.

    The thing is that the pest control industry had a stigma back in the 70's and 80's A pest control guy was some weirdo short on IQ, twitching, out of shape, drooling on himself, and spraying chemicals all over the place without ppe. Orkin worked hard as well as many other companies having uniformed applicators, salesmen in ties, professional courteous application service. I think the industry has come a long way, people like Billy although entertaining do take away from the professional image we should all have on the job. I am a little concerned. A potential customer could see his show and think we are all like that.
  10. nik

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    When they had him on Dirty Jobs, all I could think of is that Mike Rowe better have had a trainee license at the least if he was doing that out in my little state. He could tag along and all but as soon as he touched that can he became an applicator.

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