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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by V.H. lass, Jan 18, 2002.

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    Has anyone seen the new contour mower by billygoat? I received the video the other day and was impress with the performance on the tape ( haven't demo yet) The mower is 24" 6.5 B/S engine mower, would this be a good trim mower for $1200? advice appreciated

  2. We made the mistake of paying big dollars for a trim mower. we paid over a 1000 for a honda and a exmark 21 as i look back ,that could of been a big hunk on a belt drive wide walk behind or even a hydro.
    We are now in a position we dont have to take lawns with gates that ,you cant get a ztr or wide walkbehind in,and will never buy a expensive trimm mower again.
    That 1200 would be a big hunk on a 32 inch belt drive if you have a lot of fences chances are it would get in most of them
    Im not trying to tell you how to run your business.
    I just thought i would make a suggestion to you.
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    This looks like a good mower. According to some info another LS member sent me on this unit, it runs around $1600 (not sure if that's US or Cnd.), has a large designated discharge chute, high ground speed but no bag is avail. as of yet. Mabe too pricey for its size.
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    Machine HW650SP engine-6.5 B/S intek OHV/IC Price 1,199.00 i recieved the video tape on the machine, Looks impressive on the tape and prob-is a good mower,but seems alittle small for back yds, if i didn't already have a Toro Proline 21 trim id sure take a look at one. I cut several Banks and Stores,and only at the entry-ways i use the 21" also on a few other jobs, but its used very little. I don't take the gated yds unless they will install a large gate,which several of my clients have. If its just for backyards and gates look for a 36 or 32 used walk. Marks Mowing Service

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