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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by two-niner, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. two-niner

    two-niner LawnSite Member
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    Just bought BG 16hp loader, waiting to recieve the hose, but fired it up anyways and it sounded like a F-15. A little concerned about the noise, just wondering if it is this loud with the hose on it. Does any of you who this machine ever have any complaints about noise? Please respond if you have any helpful comments or suggestions Thankyou!
  2. Bunton Guy

    Bunton Guy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Got the same one just before fall....sounds like a sweet..plane but it dosent get any quieter with the hose...just gets more of a noise like its caught in a tunnel. Goodluck It hasent seemed to bother any of my customers I park it at street and drag the leaves to the machine.
  3. LawnCrafters

    LawnCrafters LawnSite Member
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    I've got the same one too and it sounds the same way. But that's a good noise. It's from it sucking so much air through it. Just wait till the first time you use it, you'll love it.

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