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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SJR Lawncare, Aug 28, 2000.

  1. SJR Lawncare

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    Today I made the plunge and purchased a new 11 H.P.Briggs Billygoat leaf loader. I cannot(WILL NOT) load leaves into the truck by hand (trashcan) anymore. I sent out fall leaf contracts the other day & already have 3 signed contracts for leaf clean-ups. Its only been a few days & I am expecting more.So, what do you guys think of this machine? I hope it'll last at least a couple of seasons. Does anyone have or have used one of these loaders? If so how is it? I hope I get some positive response, because I already purchased it & theres no turning back now!! By the way, I got it for $1600.
    SJR Lawncare
  2. SKDCO

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    I've got one and it is a real live/back saver. It will last alot longer than a couple of seasons if you take care of it, just treat it like the rest of your equipment. I believe that you will be real happy with it,,,,,,,ENJOY!
  3. SLSNursery

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    We have a couple of Billy goat leaf loaders, in addition to several 11hp blowers, and a thatcher. I have always like Billy Goat products. My first loader was a 16hp Belt Driven TL1600 - I love the machine because the stress from vacuuming doesn't go directly to the crankshaft. Unfortunately they discontinued this model, but we welded up a new housing in the shop, and pumped out another season with the unit. I was disappointed that the factory didn't have any more housings, but still quite satisfied that the machine would still be able to run.

    We picked up a tow-behind unit last fall as well. This unit is the favorite of the crews (We run a couple of boxes at a time). While the machine can be hooked up via pintle hook to any truck, we usually roll it by hand right onto one of the landscape trailers with the blowers, mowers, etc. This one sucks up anything.

    I think you will have good luck with your unit if you take care of it. Keep the leaves out of the air intake areas of the motor (air filter, gas tank breather, engine cooling fins, recoil housing). Also keep the leaves, or any overflow from the leaf box away from the exhaust. Besides carrying a fire extinguisher for general use, you might want to have an extra, or at least one readily available for leaf fires. After sucking, let the machine idle for a while so it can cool down. I am always amazed to hear how many guys just shut down. These machines run balls to the walls for a couple of months. The least you can do is let them warm up and cool down. Talk to your dealer about the best way to operate your machine.
  4. Getmow

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    I owned and used an 11hp Billy Goat for 3 seasons. It finally gave up the goat. During its' life I reenforced the housing and replaced the impeller. It was a work horse. I replaced it with a 16hp Billy Goat and will be starting the fourth season with a new impeller.
    With all the good preceeding advice...keep your prefilter clean(every day),change oil and air filter at least once a week. Shut the fuel off during transport and dumping. Mine is mounted on the rear door of my 12' dump.
    If you are in need of an additional suction hose llet me know. I have an almost new one. I think it is 10" x 15'.
  5. Toddppm

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    I've got the 11hp too, it works great. If you have helpers though keep an eye on them,better yet don't let them run it! My guys can clog it up quick, no problem for me , but noone takes care of your stuff like yourself
  6. SJR Lawncare

    SJR Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks for the advice guys, I'm very glad noone had any negative replies about this machine. I still have to figure out the best way to shoot the leaves into my pick-up with sides. Also did I mention that I am a solo operater. Lots of fun trying to move the machine for dumping. Any ideas???
  7. fireball

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    from ne Pa
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    lesco has a swing away mount for leaf loaders that mount in your trailer hitch. you can also use it for your salt spreader
  8. thelawnguy

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    I see guys mount the loader to the front of the trailer, just drop the trailer when you need to dump.
  9. gene gls

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    SJR Lawncare: I made a dolly for my loader and load from the front of the truck.I can roll it around where ever I need it by my self. I use stove pipe between the truck and loader.

    To prolong the life of the impeller in your loader try not to suck up sand and stones.
  10. SJR Lawncare

    SJR Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    Gene gls, How do you load from the front of your truck?


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