Billygoat vs Little Wonder vs Mighty Max


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I think you posted this on the wrong forum. Try the commercial lawn forum.

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I moved this to the lawn forum so it will get more views.

Are you talking about a walk behind blower?


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Little Wonder - hands down. I've done the tests personally and have seen the results.


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Little Wonder has the best product. Get a Honda engine and you won't do anything but change oil and add gas for a long time. As for the initial cost; if I can blow leaves on 6 lawns instead of 5 lawns per day with a more expensive unit, then I will earn about $75-$100 more per day. If my leaf season is 60 days long and I work 50 of those days then 50x$75 = 3750. That is a whole lot more than any push blower that I have heard about. Remember to ALWAYS be a business man first and a Lawn Boy second. And yes a Little Wonder will make you that much more productive.


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We love little wonder. We have a 8hp and it blows like crazy. For the really big clean ups we rent a 9hp Little Wonder from our local home depot. My little wonder is the old style and the ones we rent have the new housing. The new one blows twice as much as the old one.

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I'm not shure which is the best out of what you listed,but my dealer sells both BillyGoat and Parker and he says that parker is the better of the 2.