BillyGoat vs Ryan (SOD CUTTERS)

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by LizardLawnCare, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. LizardLawnCare

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    I am reseeding my back yard and have to get the garbage grass out. I have decided to cut it out using a sod cutter. There are a couple of place locally that rent Ryan's and 1 place that is a bit of a drive that rents a BillyGoat.

    Has anyone used both? It looks like the BillyGoat would be the easier to use.

    Anyone that could shed some light, please do.
  2. Turfdude

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    I've only used Brower & Ryan. I purchased a ryan Jr. sod cutter. Love the machine, actually very simple to use. I can strip out at least 100 sq ft/min. Of course all of the time is spent loading it in the truck.
  3. SCL

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    I've used a couple of different ones, mostly the Ryan and a Bluebird. The Ryan is easy to transport as it has its own trailer. Works good for small jobs. Things I don't like about it are no reverse, odd engagement levers, and it will beat the crap out of you after 15 minutes of use. I stripped 7000 feet the other day and my hands felt like they had been beat with a ball bat for 2 days. ;) Also, would auto shut of on not sp steep sidehills.
    The Bluebird is bulkier, and has a harder time staying straight. Four wheel drive makes working on hillsides easier, has a reverse and all controls are at the handle. Eats vibration better but you can't just spin it 180 like the Ryan. I do like the Bluebird better though.

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