Bio Stimulant for Trees and Shrubs

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  1. Hey gang;

    We're offering an excellent bio stimulant which will help to increase nutrient uptake in your fertilizer programs and also stimulate biological activity in the soil. Detailed information can be found here. Solu-Stimulant comes in 5, 25 or 50 pound boxes.

    Your cost is as low as $6.93 per 100 gallons of tank mixed fertilizer or mycorrhizae.

    We also carry Mycorrhizal Applications full line of inoculants which come in soluble powders, granular or liquids.

    Thanks for paying us a visit. :usflag:
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    I've tried contacting you through your website and email with no success. I'm interested in incorporating something like this into my lawn and tree program.
  3. The pricing can be found here on our website;


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