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  1. paul

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    Has any one tried Biostimulants in their hydro seeders? I'm looking for better way to get grass growing faster on some of our larger jobs.
  2. Stonehenge

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    I've been using this stuff lately called Seed Aide, I believe it's made by Scott's (or some other big name brand). When I bought it from my seed supplier they said there was a growth hormone in it, but I never found anything on the label that corroborated this, so I'm thinking it was hooie. The mulch works fine, but I haven't noticed miraculous differences in growth.

    But I'd also be interested in finding out more along those lines.
  3. paul

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    We have two ball fields we are doing this week, going to try some different chemicals on it. Each test plots will be a 500 gallon load of hydro-mulch.

    Also going to test different mulches on it along with different rates.

    When I get all the products I'll list them here plus take pictures and post them.
  4. paul

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    This is turning out to be a limited test.
    Mulch avabile only three types
    Wood -mat fiber a 100% wood fiber material -50 lb bales
    Conwed enverioblend a mix of 70% wood / 30% paper -60 lb bales.
    Conwed 2000 100% wood with 3% tack added -60 lb bales
    The only biostimulant we where able to get in time was Finn Hydro Max.
    We shot 4 acres with the above materials.
    Tank loading 240lbs - 250 lbs of mulch in each 500 gallon tank
    bio stim mixed at the manufactures rate of 64 oz per 500 gallons.

    Seed mix used was a 50% blue grass 50% penerrial rye all name brand and all with a 93% or better germation rate, seed mixed in tank at 30 lbs per tank.

    Each different mulch was mixed with and with out bio stim
    applacation rates set at 2000 lbs per acre.
    test areas marked on plan but not on field.
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  6. Shawn Burns

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    There is a section in the August Turf mag. on soil conditioners and amendments starting on page A-10 if you haven't seen it yet. Let us know how your testing goes, i will be interested to hear your results!
  7. paul

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    Starting to see some differance. Field was seeded on Thursday September 6th area shown is Conwed 2000 and Finn Hydro=max.
    untreated area is Conwed 2000 all shot at 2000 lbs per acre


    other areas not showing grass yet but seed is comming up.
  8. Lanelle

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    That's impressive for only six days. Now I want to try it.
  9. Rodney Johns

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    I don't use them much personally because I am not a Hydro seeding nut, but the guys I sell them too love them. I do use them in spray mixes and for plantings.
    An inexpensive fix is a product I sell called T growth products out of NY 1-800-648-7626 to find your area supplier.
    They have a range of products that are tank mixable in sprayers or seeders. The great thing is you can get stimulant or fertilzer to actaully match a particular nutrient you are missing in the soil. I am looking at a bottle of Calcium Chelate which also has a 6-0-0 fertilizer ratio in it. Awesome product. I have a dozen variations on the shelf with other micros in different ratios.
    As far as brand names. Even miracle grow has some of these things for home gradeners.
    I have heard they are to hydroseeding what spreader sticker is to tank mixes.

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