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birds nests


LawnSite Member
other day I was cutting pyracantha for and found a birds nest with baby birds half way through this was a residential job at the co owners house what would you guys do in such a situation he took them and put the nest in a yew next to it


LawnSite Bronze Member
I'm a little embarrassed to say, but we were renovating a landscape and discovered we had taken down a nest, too. But I only discovered it after looking in the dump truck and seeing a tiny baby bird. I drove 15 miles to a wild bird rehab place and dropped it off to be raised by them. <p>I'm not usually that soft, but it was eating at my conscience. Otherwise I'd have just stepped on it and put it out of it's misery.


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Somerset, NJ
I found nests a couple of times while pruning. If there were eggs or babies I informed the customer that I would come back to do that shrub after they had moved on. Those customers didn't have a problem and I think it helps my & our industry reputation to be ecology friendly.