Biting the hand that feeds me?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. fga

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    Who’s in charge of naming the turf magazine header for Lawn Site?
    “Biting the hand that feeds you”??? It works both ways you know. I don’t think that was the case of my thread.. he showed up late, I sent him home. Period. I felt bad sending him away, threw him lunch money even. I think he was maybe “biting the hand that feeds him”!! There are Mexicans everywhere begging for work around here… legals and non. I have options. He on the other hand, without me, would stand on the corner, hoping to catch the attention of a contractor driving by, sort of like a puppy trying to act cute in the shelter.

    Its not the biggest deal, just Could have called it…
    tardy labor?
    Lazy help?
    Truck warmed up with no worker?

    I just look forward to that magazine, and have defended it several times on this site. Open it up and translate it to .. ”Look at this lawnboy not knowing how to handle an employee” ouch.
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  2. gogetter

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    Adam, I think that's exactly what he (Jim at turf) meant by that title. That your helper was biting the hand that feeds him (literally, since you gave him money for lunch!).
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  3. impactlandscaping

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    You New Yorkers ...geesh..fuggetaboutit..J/K Adam. I agree with Jonathan, that's how I read it to be after reading thru the thread. I heard they had other titles, but threw them out...

    Other thread titles that were thrown out:
    5. Me and the Amigo
    4. No habla trabajo!
    3. I could have slept in...
    2. What's H2B??
    and the number one proposed thread title was...........drumroll,please...

    1. Throw me a frickin' bone here.I'm the boss, need the info....

    Adam, don't take it for anymore than an homage to you for starting a kickazz thread. I've got your back :cool: <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
  4. impactlandscaping

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    ...bumpity , bumpity, bump..>!!!...
  5. fga

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    you crazy with those smileys! lol! good titles there..

    in that thead, there were a few who disagreed with me, and criticzed me, while others said i was too soft. Biting the hand could be taken either way for that reason.

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