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    CALVISI LawnSite Member
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    how much more do you generally charge for a customer to go biweekly?
  2. nobagger

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    Depends on if they wanted it bagged or not, my example...Normal cut$25.00 (no bagging)Bi-weelky cut $30-35.00. You will most likely have to double cut some places. Normal cut bagged $35.00 Bi-weekly bagged $50-55.00

    CALVISI LawnSite Member
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    these are mainly non-irrigated yards that grow slow, no need to bag. very little extra maintenance over a regular weekly cut.

    ED'S LAWNCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have been giving the estimates for the bi-weekly people at what the weekly rate would be plus 40%, but I always try to steer customers away from that.
  5. supercuts

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    if its a well growing lawn i refuse to do bi-weekly and have very rarely been asked to so on such lawns. the great majority that have asked me to do bi-weekly cuts are the more run down, ugly, poorly maintained lawns. typically they have lots shade with moss, are not ferilized, and grow slower than weekly cut lawns. so for those i really dont tack on much more than a few dollars if any at all. i do make it a point to tell them that if it does need weekly mowing due to growth adn they dont want to cut weekly, i will not double cut or blow clumps out should there be any. i like these lawns though. the customers rarely complain if the lawn isnt perfect, they are not meticulous, they dont care if you cut them in the rain, and are gennerally easy going and often they areas where you can "cut corners." i aslo find i make the most $/hr on the crappier lawns. running a full schedual too it opens time every other week for other work, such as mulch, hedges, etc. as you get bigger that time will be important.
  6. Shawns Lawns

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    I go the weekly rate times 2 and most people will say well that's not a deal. And i say neither is the amount of work i have to do. I think overall though and this is not for all lawns that i cut, that you sometimes make out better going every other week. (By making out better i mean time and money) You might have more time at the house but you do not have the weekly travel to get there or the expense that goes along with it. :waving:

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    from what i gather it's pretty common here in texas for biweekly cutting. unless the people water the heck out of the yard. it's just a pain in the rear because it seems like i'll need twice as many customer's to meet the goals i have set.
  8. sildoc

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    I charge by the lawn. If it grows 20" in two weeks then it gets charged for 16" cut off. If it only grows 1" and is next to another property that I do then I charge the regular cut price min of 25. good luck.
  9. KHconst & Landscaping

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    i would see what lco are doing in your area see what the normal service weekly or biweekly and how they charge
  10. grasscutterman

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    The larger part of our clients get bi-weekly. We do not charge more but we too have to find double the clients to make sure there is enough work each week. We also limit the cutting to one time around and will tell clients that we can not go around twice without charging more.

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