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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by phillie, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Ok, let me start off by saying I have researched this issue on this site and am 70-80% sure of this move. It's the ol' ride on vs space saver debate. I have a 200 gal space saver that I am replacing the pump on in a week or so. Question is "when its fixed should I sell it for $2200 to get a permagreen centri?" I do have a 100 gallon metal tank that I am thinking about putting an electric pump on. The catch is, I have never been on a ride on and would be pretty nervous that I'm spraying plants in beds and I would probobly need to upgrade to a 200 gal tank eventually anyway, right? I am not to the point that I need to be quick on a property but I can see myself getting to that point. I have less than 100 customers but not by many and my lawns measure from 3k-1 acre. Some have gates and some dont, some are immaculate and some are a work in progress. I know this has been beaten to death but it seems like every situation is different. Thanks guys and I appreciate it. :usflag:
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    While the ride on's are great... and i have one... and it is more efficient in most cases, I still have two skid sprayers that i use on a regular basis. I have found that there are some properties that still require you to pull the hose... so to speak. You may even want to use it as a nurse tank with your chemicals premixed and ready to transfer to your sprayer.
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    I have felt your dilemma, I really think you would miss your skid sprayer even with a PG. Having a skid and a ride-on is nice. I was very nervous when i switched to a Turfco because i had excellent control dragging a hose, however i have found (with some practice) that ride-ons are also very accurate and do an excellent job. My Turfco does just as good of a job as the skid, and i have not had any off target or drift issues. I now ONLY use the skid for fungicides and spraying bugs. My opinion....keep the skid and get a ride-on as soon as you can swing it....good luck.
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    I personally wont go out and make apps if I cant take a zspray with me.

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