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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Newbie07, Jan 28, 2006.

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    :waving: Hey you guys, my friend and I did this last year and it went pretty well, this year we are going full scale. lol, or as big as a highschooler can get it. I think our profile still says we're 15 but we are now 16 and both have a Z71 so we got a way around this year(WOOHOO I love my truck:p ) Anyway, nough background.
    We are planning i think on two 21 inch mowers and blower weedeater. all the basics until we get it off the ground. This sounds good right?? Also, we are printing our own fliers but dont want to roll them up cuz it looks un professional. I have looked this up but still dont understand how to attach them to a door. We are also looking at a name. We are looking at Turf Buster's or Southern Lawn. Not sure if that last one is taken probably is...also a slogan..."A cut above the rest!" and i haven't seen that anywhere yet either. We have looked all over the site and i have talked with Mike (mcwlandscaping) and i appreciate all the help. Thanks you guys

    Travis :waving:
  2. Newbie07

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    Messages: 138 one has anything to say, no comments :confused: :confused: .
  3. kirk brown

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    sounds like a good start.
    make sure you price properly and you should grow.
    at least there is no overhead to sink your business.
    good luckpayup
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    Thanks Kirk Brown, we worked on our price last year with some local LCO's and we are dead on for the area so we should be fine there, maybe a tiny bit lower beacuse we dont have commercail equipment and we are teenagers. I want to be legit, any teens in Texas do this????? Anyway, thank you:D :D
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    I would say you have a good start. Just spend a year with your 21" mowers and get as much business as you can handle. Then probably next year upgrade to a commercial mower of some sort. Of the two names you gave, I think Southern Lawn sounds the most professional. Just make sure you guys do top-notch work and make sure you don't sell yourself short on pricing and you will do fine. Good luck. Use this site as much as possible, you will learn so much information from it...:waving:

    Oh yeah, how much school do you have left, a year or two?
  6. Newbie07

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    Thanks jtkplc, i appreciate the posts and comments. i am leaning toward southern lawn myself but we will see what my buddy says, lol. We are both juniors in highschool. so we have this year and then next year until august i guess. college is a for sure thing for me. i want to go to Texas A&M and have good grades but we will see. There is a junior college that is a part of A&M that i my friend and i will proly go to if we dont get in there(im in top 10% but my school is super competitive) im hoping to get it going again in college also. I will certainly take your advice on using this site, it has been very helpful. Thanks

    Travis :waving:
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    any other thoughts before this becomes lost in the 200 pages in this section. We have decided on Southern Lawn "Beautifying Texas one Lawn at a time". Thanks


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