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    Ok guys the time has come. Bout to start thinking about door hangers, truck and trailer signs, and company checks. I have to come up with a name but am STRUGGLING. What do you guys think.

    Maid in the Shade or Made in the Shade
    A CUT AND TRIM (PUTS me in the A in yellow pages)

    Its really a hard thing because I sure don't want to thave to change names and go through all that.
  2. Todd's lawncare

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    And "A" don't get you in the "A"'s of the yellow pages , It gets you in the "A"'s in the white ones in the yellow it would fall under "L" for Lawn care try using a part of your name
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    Well, I CERTainly wouldn't use "maid" unless you were doing a maid service. There is a girl around here that uses that, as a matter of fact. I don't even know if I would use the "shade" thing at all. It sounds too much like a "shady" operation type deal. Everyone knows that grass grows better in sun. Everyone relates to sun, because it makes them feel good. When you introduce shade, it counters that. Now, it would work for perhaps an air conditioning service, or maybe a water service. It is just an opposite. For instance, would you want to take your kids to "Midnight Day Care"?
    On the other hand, you could always appeal to the masses of 20 somethings who don't have any money to spend, and call yourself "Slim Shady's Lawn Service". Your slogan could be "This looks like a job for me." :rolleyes:
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    Hi FLYonWALL9,

    I like Bama Clipper or
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