Black Diamond Edging

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Leisure Time Lawn Care, May 31, 2008.

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    I need some help on some pricing. I have to give an estimate to one of my lawn customers for 220 ft of Black edging. It is an existing bed and they have landscape timbers in there now, so I need to remove them and put down the new. I also have to rent a bed edger to dig the trenches and I can get one for $60.00 per day. Any help would be great
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    EEEK! I would try to upsell the customer and do anything besides black edging. The stuff only looks good for a year or two, I never put it in even if it is requested.

    If they're dead set on black edging, try to talk them into steel or aluminum.
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    Black Diamond edging works just fine if it is installed properly. I installed plastic edging in my parents yard 20 years ago and it has never heaved or cracked. If you install it too high, so that a riding mower catches it, or without stakes properly installed, so that it will frost heave, than it will fail.

    What to charge for the job:

    How long to remove timbers? Are they bolted together? Are they rotted? Transport time to waste disposal site.
    Tipping fee for the volume of waste. (timbers)
    $5 per foot would be the going rate around here for that many feet of edging.

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