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Black enclosed trailer

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We are thinking about buying a new enclosed trailer. We have been tossing around the color of the trailer. We are leaning towards BLACK , Does anyone know why we shouldn't choose black. I am a little concerned about the colors of the letters, when we put our business name on it. By going to black , we would have to change some of the graphics colors on the new trailer.

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I currently have a black enclosed and to be perfectly honest, I feel as if it stays miraculously clean.... I have no idea why. Everybody knows that black vehicles show dirt and scratches more than white but this honestly seems to be the opposite with my trailer.
Like Jacob said, company color is obviously important. I have a white F350 dually mason dump and the black trailer. So I have my logo done on each one kind of opposite.... Both truck and trailer were too good of deals to pass up so I did what I could.... But I am happy with the way it came out...
The other good point Jacob brought up was it being hot in the summer. Yes, every enclosed trailer is like a little steam box when it's hot but I actually found an advantage to black in the winter, and I see you are from Jersey so you share my NorthEast Beast Winter Weather....... When I go out on a cold day to get something from my trailer or start the Walker or whatever, if it's a sunny day, it is quite warm in there..... In turn, being better for the equipment in the long run.... Honestly it is a significant difference in temperature from the outside....
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"As far as heat, every box is hot in the summer." Bwahahahahah!!!! I was on the floor laughing!!!!
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