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Black enclosed trailer

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We are thinking about buying a new enclosed trailer. We have been tossing around the color of the trailer. We are leaning towards BLACK , Does anyone know why we shouldn't choose black. I am a little concerned about the colors of the letters, when we put our business name on it. By going to black , we would have to change some of the graphics colors on the new trailer.

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Nothing looks as classy as black.

People say negatives about black, but, it's usually people who generally don't take care of stuff. I wash my truck and trailer at least once a week and wax them every 4-6 weeks. They show dust, up close. However, from a distance, they look freshly washed, and that's what counts.

Eight year-old paint, on my truck. I use only Jax Wax Carnuba.

As far as heat, every box is hot in the summer.
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"As far as heat, every box is hot in the summer." Bwahahahahah!!!! I was on the floor laughing!!!!
Innuendo, anyone?! :laugh:
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