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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Keegan, Jul 6, 2007.

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    I had a customer call me the other day saying that some spots of their lawn was turning black. I took a look at it yesterday and they said that it had gotten better after the rain the night before. THey said it looked black from a distance but looking at it up close it didn't look bad.
    This area is baked on by the sun all day and is somewhat in a valley. They do have a sprinkler system they use often.
    I din't see the blackness but in the areas they showed me there was a slight difference. I did notice whoever is cutting their lawn is using a dull blade. Their was also some brown spots on the blades of grass.
    The rest of the lawn looks great.
    I think this all started when the temps went above 90 with high humidity.

    some sort of disease or fungus I'm assuming?
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    Drought stress in my opinon, rain could make slime mold worse, but would help alleviate drought stress.
    1. He has a sprinkler system he uses often, encouraging shallow roots.
    2. temps above 90, lawns with shallow roots can't get enough water even if being watered all day.
    3. Dull blades rip the grass blades leaving it open to transpire this alone can cause a drought stress condition.
    4. it looked darker from a distance.
    My advice would be to encourage proper cultural practices, sharp blades, watering deeply and less often. A good test to see if its drought stress is to step on the lawn and see if your footprint stays for longer than a few seconds if it does its drought stress.
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    when I first talked with the homeowner, my guess was slime mold but he said it wasn't greasy at all. Wasn't that way when I saw it. So I was leaning towards drought stress because the redst of the yard looks great where there is shade.
    What do you think of pythium blight? There was never any cottony stuff growing though.

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