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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Jul 6, 2011.

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    First off, for the northern guys, is black medic the fine round leafed, small yellow flowered annual weed what I am seeing? It broke through just a couple of my lawns in June and I am now treating for it. Seems to thrive in patches in sparse, hard packed soil that is sun drenched. Broke through after I did my late May round.

    2nd, if Black Medic is the right ID, will a PG treatment do a good job getting after it? Reason I ask is the stuff has such small leaf surface, I am afraid the PG will not take it out. Today, I just spot sprayed the patches with TZone and am confident that it will do it, but would much rather let the PG do the work than lug a BP around un-necessarily.

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    We normally see black medic in shade areas only (purple leaves & looks like oxalis which has light green leaves). Ester herbicide & a Shurfo backpack w/flat fan nozzle fries it. Are you sure it's not oxalis?...cuz oxalis is most common in full sun.

    Regarding the PG, I do not think it provides proper coverage. A z-spray or a T3000 would be much better. When we see black medic, our T-Men set the cruise control & drive around while using the spray wand (eliminating the need for lugging around a spot sprayer). my 2 cents
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    Permagreen works fine for black medic. Does it look like this? Full sun usually. It is a summer annual. Relative of clover. It is not that you didn't kill it last month--it comes up only when temps hit about 85. Small droplets from Permagreen (low-volume) work nice on small leaf weeds.
  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Pretty darned sure that it was black medic, next lawn I see it in I'll get a pic for sure (should have done that today:(

    So one of you says a PG should do the job on this weed, the other says not so much.
    Any more votes:)
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    You know what, I apologize to Larry, the broadleaf in question was indeed oxalis (yellow woodsorrel). It is intermingled with black medic and I mixed the two up. My bad for sure.

    At any rate, will tryclopyr take this stuff out? What about straight 3way?
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    Oxalis is much tougher. Use triclopyr; include lots of surfactant as it is very difficult to wet. The solution runs off the waxy leaves. And the top quarter inch of the stems is the most sensitive part. Be ready to treat twice about 7 days apart. Sometimes the first treatment just knocks off the leaves.
  7. mike174

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    Momentum FX2 will fry the black medic and oxalis.
  8. dgw

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    i think the purple leaf plant is creeping oxalis

    black medic is similar , but tear drop shaped and smaller leaves

    t-zone has worked well on black medic for me (only tried it a couple times so far)

    trimec is hit or miss on it for me

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