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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by BareFootLawn, Jun 15, 2004.

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    Spent 1.5 hrs today in my "organic" front yard dealing with black medic. The ground is moist from all the rain, so I was able to get the entire root on about 60% of them.
    In all I pulled a 2 1/2 gallon bucket full (out of about 2,500 sq/ft).
    Other than 1 broadleaf Plantain and about a dozen small Oxalis shoots, this is the only weed that is in my yard.

    I aerate.
    Overseeded with 15lbs of 60% Perrenial Rye, 40% bluegrass.
    Sunshine, water.
    Organic Fertilizer (early April & June) 50lbs.

    Any ideas on why I'm getting so much of this weed?

    Tip for those pulling like I am.
    Rake it up first from all directions with a garden rake. Once you have all of the arms of it up and out of your turf grass, it's pretty easy to pull.
  2. trying 2b organic

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    Your reminded me of the weed I most wanted to forget today. The black medic is out of this world here this yr. It has overtaken customers lawns. I also have done all of the best management practices that you have but it is unstoppable. I assume that it will run its course and be gone soon. I would like to know from the traditional lawn guys if there is a pesticide that would take care of it for those customers who are most metiulous. I assume Par 111 or three-way.
  3. woodycrest

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    Par3 works...

    my traditonal european golf greens..(hi ric :)... ) were covered in black medic(also white clover) the last 2 years...i hand pulled buckets of the stuff last year, with one major went to seed before i got all of it... i got it kinda under control by last fall. But this spring it was back!! nasty stuff. application of PAR3 took care of the black medic and the clover and every other weed.
    THe bent grass took a week or two to recover , but it is doing well now.
  4. trying 2b organic

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    What did it do to the bent grass? I guess Par 3 is sold for cool season grasses. I know it was stressed but how did that manifest itself?
  5. Ric

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    Hi Woodycrest

    Now I can tell you all why you are having problems with Black Medic and White Clover. However as Tree Huggers you won't like me. Now I will also say that Black Medic and White Clover are a problem here in warm season because all the good herbicide have been taken off the market and Black Medic and White Clover are hard to kill.

    Prevention is key to controlling Black Medic and White Clover. Low Nitrogen is the reason Black Medic and Clover can get started and keep going. High Nitrogen lawns do not have a problem with Black Medic or Clover. Cracked Corn just doesn't get it when it comes to these weeds.
  6. trying 2b organic

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    I hate to say it but so far even heavy applications of organic fertlizer havnt made a real dent in the amount of clover. to the point i am tempted to test your point. However, back to an old discussion, if I apply 10 lbs per k of my 8-3-3 isnt the lawn getting the same N as your are using 4 lbs per k of 24- . Roughly? Do you really think even at the heavy rates I am applying organic N at that its an N issue. I am putting down about 4 lbs per K per annum. And leaving clippings in most cases.
  7. woodycrest

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    funny you should say that Ric, i just figured that a bit stubborn, i have this habit of not believing it until i see it...well, i saw it and it worked!!
    hey ric, im not sure that i would be classified as a tree hugger, but i never said i didnt like you...:)

    the greens were fertilized with a granular 'organic based' product (29-3-4 i think it was ) and used granular weed and feed on the fairways. WOW!! what great results!!!! it was applied at about 75% of the suggested rate, the clover took a hit from the par 3, but after applying the fertilizer, the bent has started 'creeping' like its supposed to and the clover is fading away. the black medic is history. The greens actually warrant the use of a putter, and im sorry to say that they have most certainly lost thier tradtional european status.

    Without question tHe cracked corn was very beneficial to the greens, but did not provide the much needed nitrogen.

    Trying 2 b,

    THe par 3 turned the bent a little brown for a week or so, but recovered after a few days, but i think the par 3 was a bit more diluted than the reccomended rate.
  8. Ric

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    You're a good guy. I have had fun slipping the needle to you on occasion and you take it rather well. Sound like your Traditional European Golf Greens are not virgin anymore.:D I would not of replied to this thread had you not needled me. I try not to cause too much trouble here in the Orgasmic Forum.

    Now once again I will state my feeling on the value of organic fertilizer. It has value in 21th century horticulture. In my case of Calcareous Sandy Soil it helps increase CEC, Microbes and Hydro Conductivity. This allows Synthetic fertilizer to be more available to the plant.
  9. woodycrest

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    nuthin wrong with a little friendly needling, sometimes it can help the learning process, that why i spend so much time reading on learn.

    just to illustrate how effective my 'revised' approach is, i thought i should post a pic....

    this green WAS the worst black medic/clover infested one on the golf course...

    maples 7th.jpg
  10. woodycrest

    woodycrest LawnSite Senior Member
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    since i had mentioned the great results on the fairways from the weed and feed i decided to post a pic of one of them too...

    this fairway WAS loaded with clover ...

    improved fairway.jpg

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