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we work in this one neighborhood, it has all 500k+ homes (becoming less and less unusual these days, eh?), very exclusive. all the yards are oceans of lush green. beautiful lawns. pretty much perfect. accept for that one guy. his yard is FULL of dandelions every summer. and in a neighboorhood like that, it really sticks out. often times, the lawn looks like it goes a couple w/out being mowed. either he mows it himself, or someone really bad does it. rarely trimmed. it must drive some of the other residents crazy, don't you think? the h.o.a. probably calls him about it all the time.

we have another in a more middle class neighborhood, this client has us mow twice a week, need it or not. really nice property. next door, mows a few times a season, never trims any bushes, and there a few big ones. a dead riding mower in the weeds, wood pile in the weeds, old torn tarp covering mound in the weeds, dead push mower in the weeds. dying shed in the weeds, downed branch (big) on the side of property in the weeds, decomposing. at least two cars that do not appear to be running, have been sitting in same spot for years. everything's pretty much been in the same spot for years. it drives our client insane, but i tell her it makes her property look all that much better.

what do you guys got?
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