Blackburn Flags!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MOW ED, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. MOW ED

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    Ya baby, I am all for supporting the sponsors of this site and I am just here to tell ya that I ordered a thousand flags from the Blackburn Company. The process was excellent, the young lady that took my order was very nice and professional and the whole process took about 3 minutes. Less than 10 days later, the flags were at my door.
    You know what else? They were EXACTLY what I ordered. I can't say that happened to my previous order with a company that is now gone. Go figure.
  2. Chris Burisek

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    I just got my 5,000 posting flags and 1,000 flags to mark sprinklers for core aeration. The prices were great and service awsome too. I highly recommend them.
  3. William J. L.

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    I just mentioned on another thread that I got good service, they had what I wanted, and I got my flags quickly.
    Now my brochures came from a great company called RND signs. They let me put my copy and pictures where I wanted them and used our logo colors. We occasionally have used Perfco, but RND had a better selection when it came to brochures

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