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    i have been toying with an idea, and i was wondering what you all thought of it. lets say you have somebody ask you to do work. you dont get paid. the custsomer apparently has a bad history for paying bills. you did not know this before you sent him the bill. what i am trying to say here is, for those of us who have people who dont pay us. i am not saying are late payers, but who just dont pay ever. to put together a database of people who dont pay, whether they be home owners associations, or contractors, residences, you name it. you get the idea, so lets hear about what you think.
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    That's called a credit agency.
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    im just talkin about a database that is run and used by contractors, nobody else. so lets say i dont get paid by somebody, i go in and either add to a file, or start a new one for this person. it wouldnt be a solid thing, just a warning kind of. and if you want to get another customer, all you would have to do is type in the name of the person and its there if they have a bad history. if they dont then nothing shows up. kind of like napster.
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    Problem is... I would have to take your word that they didn't pay and that you did a good job and deserved to be paid... like someone agency.
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    I agree, we need some kind of blacklist for these nonpayers,I used to mow for this doctor still owes me $800.00 dollars,I used a colection agency to no avail as of yet. I think the point of a blacklist is to warn other LCOs of these potential problem payers, sure would be nice to know before you give a bid!! Just my 0.2
  7. opening up to a law suit not worth it
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    I use the good old fashioned method................I shout it to anybody that will listen. Sometimes they don't and take the yards anyway, but at least they were fore warned.

    Had one that didn't pay me...........I quit going.......they saw my daughter that works at the bank and she said, " I think my Daddy cuts your grass", the old hag told MY daughter that we didn't cut it any more because we were not dependable. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. See how they twist things around.

    Shout it to the top of your lungs.:eek:
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    I agree with LGF. Sounds like opening yourself wide open for a lawsuit. The kind that makes the paper.
  10. what will happen is one lco wil get mad at a customer one day because they didn't pay put them on this web site and tell the cust he put them on the to help try and collect and BAM! $1,000,000 paid to the cust some cust will be put on for the wrong reasons

    what I do is tell the new guys who are mowing that they are real slow pay or don't pay at all or even they will try and cheat you out of money
    at least they where worned about cust and if customer finds out it is only here say and let them try and prove it

    lets just leave BLACKLISTING customers to the ones that you have tryed hard to collect and they wont pay

    but you wouldn't have this problem if you use a contract or proposale once you have their signature signing terms they will I repeat WILL loose in court and the court will have you paid in less than 10 days

    the other way to collect is put a lein against their house the only way this way wont work is if they rent the house if they do rent you need to find out who the landlord is and then they are oblagated to pay then if not you can file a lein

    do it right get a contract
    LOL the Lawngodfather

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