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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by GarPA, Mar 4, 2002.

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    roller is about 36" can buy replacement inserts ...some people I know actually wash them...I just trash dont want to get that mess on you and your vehicle...the roller holder and roller only cost about $8...I charge them $12...duct tape works the best...(cheapo duct tape works the best( not as sticky but still strong and ez to pull up)...can't tell you about other sealers,,,just make sure it is "sealer only"..unless the driveway has alot of cracks...then use filler sealer...if you do it right, any sealer should work...but like I said dont do this until you practice a couple of hours minimum...I tell them to stay off of it for at least 2 days...good the way all of us howowners for some dumb reason dont think about sealing until August/Sept...I think its a 'winter is coming mindset' thing...if you sell this service in april may and june you'll be ahead of the guys who mass market this...the landscape looks best here in PA in what not have a nice black driveway to go along with it?? Ok you know all i know now about this not so interesting more thing buy some latex gloves like your hemmoroid doctor uses...for the same reason...tee hee.....
  2. crew

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    I made some good dough doing this in college and it came up as a service some of my customers wanted.

    I'm pretty sure the guys who are spraying are only getting the material down a nd spread out and then they finish with a squigee. Thats how I've done it in the past.

    Keep us posted on how this pans out and I'll do the same.
  3. landscaper3

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    Going rate around here is 12cents a sqft
  4. CT18fireman

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    I have done my own anf a few family drives. Never sold it. Wondering if you need any kind of liscensing for this? I too have seen the guys in the spray trucks. Most around here have NY plates on them. Don't look very reputable.
  5. John DiMartino

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    My cousin does seal coating,he sprays it on,and thats it,nothing else,no brush or squegee,just blow the driveway,and spray it on,he carries a piece of cardboard with him,and pays it on edges or curbs before he sprays it,so he doesnt have to mask anything.Hardly anyone who does this will use a new truck,they al use the older stiff,you gotta see what the inside of your truck looks like after you have used it for sealcoating for 3 yrs,it aint pretty.Everyone charges by the square foot here,.10 cents a square foot is the going rate,any less,and your cheap.
  6. rodney

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    same here but parking lots go down lower usally 8 cents a sqft.

    john dimartino
    you are right on messy trucks theres a lot around her that i wouldnt want to even get in and drive or put any lawn care tools in the bed where they had the tank. some will have 3"of seal on there brake peddle.
  7. UGA

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    My buddy does the same thing to aggregate porches and drive ways here in Nashville. I helped him a few summers ago at a large condominium complex in on of the nicer areas in town. We would work together to clean off several back porches on the same row that he had just lied up recently then I would start pressure washing the first one while he went around getting other business close by. After awhile he would be back and start rolling the sealant out on the first unit and in a couple hours we had made about $500 bucks because he was charging from 75-150 per depending on the size. Just my .02
  8. raiano

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    I live in PA I think u might also be from PA. I've been sealcoating and paving 4 almost 5 yrs, alot of $ in itBut u need to start a good customer base. Your question about sealer the goo material u can prob find a Co. called sealmaster near u, the material they sale is top of the line and u cut it with about 30% water. Alot of money out there just gotta go out and get it. Lemme kno I'm new on this
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    Raiano, this is a 7 year old thread your replying to....
  10. raiano

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    Did not kno I just started on here.

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