Blade Balancing/Balancers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Jun 17, 2007.

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    Ok, so I've pretty much decided to bite the bullet and purchase a dedicated blade grinder, probably a Magna-Matic 9000. I appreciate all the input from those who do their sharpening with angle grinders and such, but I honestly have never been very adept at such things. I helped cut meat in a grocery store when I was a teenager, and have owned two stores myself, but never did get to where i could sharpen a knife worth a flip!

    Anyhow, now to the question. No doubt the Magna-Matic balancer is a quality piece of equipment, but I'm finding it difficult to believe it is necessary to spend almost $200 bucks for something to balance the blades. My question is this: Is there something out there a little more sophisticated than a nail in the wall, but more reasonably priced? I've looked on the net, and all I can come up with are those cheapy looking cone balancers for around $5. I would think someone would make a decent quality balancer out of something other than plastic but still priced way below the Magna-Matic. Is there such an animal?

    Also, a probably dumb question. If you find a blade substantially out of balance, do you just continue to sharpen the heavier side to get it into balance (effectively wearing your blade out sooner), or is it OK to remove a little material from the backside of the blade? I did a little searching on the net, and found both methods recommended.

    Thanks in advance. Neill

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    Well the magna-matic is a top unit,i have the magna blade balancer i never balance my blades itz good to see if a blade is crooked or bent,i have the $5 balancer itz good,but no it would work to a point,i have owned several mowers with no balanceing blades,with zero problems.
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    Some LCO'S believe that balancing the blades is of extreme important, some blow it off as un-necessary(a friend of mine around here never balances a blade). But if you do balance the blades, about the only sure way to get them in true balance is using the Magna Matic. Prices do go up, I bought mine in 2002, 120.00$
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    In 14 full time years of this with 11 big machines currently (the smallest being a 52" WB), we have never balanced 1 blade...ever. Only place where a balanced blade makes any difference is on a single blade push mower since it acts as a counter weight when engaged.

    Other than that, it is a total waste of time IMO...

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    True seems push mowers really shake figured it was the blade out of balance,can't hurt to balance, but here we never have the spare time.
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    .................It's hard to disagree with experience. :usflag:
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    well.. a very unbalanced blade HAS to wear out spindle bearings faster.
    the question is just how much faster, rodfather didnt say how long spindle bearings are lasting him. im guessing the difference isnt as big as i would think or he would be balancing em.

    i think ill stick with my $5 plastic one , works just fine, one end touches the ground, take off a tad more. and i just sharpen it longer in regards to your last question.
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    Put MEG MO blades on your mower and your blades will be balance all the time when mower is running. When you find a blade out balance when did it happen 2 sec after you put it on mower or 2 sec before you took it off. The blades will stay sharp 8 to 10 times longer and do not need a big sharpener.

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