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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jerry and Sons, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Jerry and Sons

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    Does any one have any tips or methods that they use for getting under the deck for a quick blade change. I have a 60 inch lazer.
  2. chimmygew

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  3. Mark P

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    I use my ramp alot works fine.....Mark's Mowing Service

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  4. PLM-1

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    Pull up on the left side of your gate, change 1-2 blades. then back down and pull up on the right side, and change the remaining.
  5. Runner

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    A Junglejack and a rechargable impact. Once you have these, you will never look at it any other way. The thing is, you buy them once, and you have them forever. In one season (provided you change your blades as often as you should) they will more than pay for themselves.
  6. Tadams

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    Pull up on the left side of your trailer ramp with your left wheel hanging off the ramp and use a piece of 2x4 wedged between the blade and the deck to lock the blade down and use a 1/2" ratchet and socket to take the blade off. This is for the left and middle blade. Do the same thing for the right blade. This is also a good time to clean the bottom of the deck. This is how I do it in the field, I have an impact gun at home that I use. Do those cordless impacts tighten them enough that your not worried about them coming off. How much does a good one cost?
  7. proenterprises

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    The method with driving the machine up the gate and using it as a "jack" works well. Just make sure you have your emergency brake set and be sure that the machines is ballanced properly.

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