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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by grasscanuck, Mar 15, 2002.

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    Thank-you for your fast response to my last question. I am going to demo the unit in two weeks at my local dealer's open house. From all that I have read on Lawnsite praising the Exmarx brand, I'm sold. However, this is my first WB purchase and I am curious to know of the recommended blade set-up. My customer base is small residential and I currently use Honda Comm 21" 's with a gator. Could you recommend the best blade set-up on the Metro 32" for the spring growth season and the regular season.

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    On my 36" metro the mulch kit never comes off. During grass cutting the eXmark mulching blades only will work. Using any other will screw up the airflow and will not make the clippings disappear correctly. During leaf mulching a set of gators with the mulching kit will tear them into dust!

    If you side discharging the gators and the exmark high lifts both work well.

    My opinion anyway.
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    what he said....
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    Most of what you will here is going to be based on observations in a given region, cutting given types of grass etc. On the metro and Viking fixed deck mowers you adjust the deck height with the front caster spacers, blade spacers and the rear axle height.

    One thing you will find is that you will want to keep at least 2 spacers below the spindle and 2 above. In many cases I prefer to have 3 below the spindle and 1 above. This helps ensure that you have an adequate air cavity to get proper airflow.

    I ran the 32" for several years and only took the mulch kit off for one lawn because it was for a family member who insisted the lawn was bagged.

    If youÂ’re mulching use the Exmark mulch blade p/n 103-2517. If you side discharging or bagging in the spring use the notched airfoil blade p/n 103-2527. For the balance of the year if your bagging or side discharging I love the cut from the solid airfoil blade p/n 103-1577 and for extremely dry dusty conditions you may want to use the low lift blade p/n 103-2507.

    The mower is going to cut fine with a standard blade and standard set up. You may find however that you can make it cut even better by fine tuning the number of spacers under the spindle, front caster spacers etc. Either way your going to really like the way this mower cuts.

    Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if I can be of any further assistance.

    Thank you


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