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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by skurkp, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. skurkp

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    I was at the dealers a couple of weeks ago and was purchasing a new mower for residential work. I chose the Ariens and when talking to the dealer I noticed that only a few mowers had the blade clutch on them and when I asked I was told that the manufactures are trying to get away from them. He explained that no-one really like them. I like the fact that I can allow the mower to run and the blade not in motion when I want to empty the bag. I own a mower that when you start the mower the blade is turning at all times. I feel like this makes it harder to start and IMO is just unsafe. I would like to have other input on this.
  2. Green Quality

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    I have a old toro, with one it's very nice, it's easy on the engine. fewer start up''s nice to walk away from mower and pick and up somthing thats in your way.I think they are coming back. toro still has them!

  3. Sybran

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    I have 2 John deeres with the same feature its great. I think the problem is the market for commercial mowers is small compare to home owner versions so companies like Ariens who recently bought out the Gravely name is going to only have one commercial unit between the two names.
  4. Royalslover

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    I would rather have a clutch any day. Only bad thing is the cost of replacement.
  5. skurkp

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    The dealer tells me that repair costs for the clutch is the reason for not continueing them. He tried to tell me that the clutches just don't last. I have one John Deere and I purchased it used for 100 and have had it for three seasons and it works great never have I had to do any repairs to it.

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