Blade Edging - Ideas when grass roots/dirt level is above concrete

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by ITL, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. ITL

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    Lawnsite Team appreciate some ideas to improve this situation.

    We picked up new customer for weekly full service mow which includes edging. The concrete to lawn interface had never been edged on a 30 year old home. Took wheeled walk behind edger in place of stick edger as the grass was extremely overgrown onto concrete. Process went well, filled 30 gallon sack with grass/sod strips. Sidewalk now 3 inches wider on each side. Customer even called to let us know how nice yard looked with line trimming and that edging looked great as she never had it done since home was new. Glad customer is happy but to my concern.
    The grass roots/dirt level is about even with the top concrete surface so when you look at it you see the soil edge. I am wondering if over time the dirt will wash away to allow the edge to eventilly lower with repeated edging/ rain cycles or is a way to fix this without spending much time. Am thinking when I do fall aeration will bring roller and only leave 3 inches of roller on grass to try to bevel edge into concrete surface. Any other methods as I like my yards nice appearance to sell my next customer.

    Thanks Wayne
  2. wojo23323

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    Does it look like this? Most of our yards after edged, you can see the dirt.

  3. ITL

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    Nice edge in picture. Not like the picture. Some sections have about an 3/4 inch of dirt plus the grass root structure above concrete surface. I will take digital camera friday when we mow the second time and add to post.


  4. Jason Rose

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    I know what you mean about the sod being higher than the concrete... Eventually this happens to most lawns. Even more so where theres loose dirt somewhere nearby to the property (construction site, garden, ect.) as the dirt blows and gets caught up on the concrete edge eventually building it up. Also the concrete is slowly sinking as well.
    I have several properties that have this problem. Using the walk behing edger for a month or 2 every week helped to excavate enough dirt *in a line mind you, i'm not doing a trench* That eventually allowed me to use my stick edger. It's still a PITA as the guard on the edger gets hung up on the sod. Dilligent, every week edging even has that problem nearly solved. I know that next spring I will have to start the process of breaking the new edge all over again tho... Sometimes these kinds of edging jobs are best done with the trimmer turned upside down. The trimmer dosn't care if the concrete is level or a foot lower than the sod, still works the same.
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    you could always "bevel" the edge to cut away some of the dirt to get it to start curving back towards the level of the concrete...But it will never be level again without renovating/replacing the turf along the edge...Since the grass is so high at the transition, becareful with your mower you could inadvertanly scalp the edged area...
  6. Runner

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    Don't bevel it. The more open dirt surface you have facing upward, the more weeds you will have. just run it vertical. If it is that much higher than the cement, that's fine. It's just a higher edge is all.
  7. MarcSmith

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    If he bevels it and the gras is fairly invasive, like St Augustine, zoysia, or bermuda, after the initial bevel he could edge vertically and let the grass creep over the exposed soil. If its a non spreading grass like Fescue, then you have to put seed down to help fill in...

    In a pinch though Id stay vertical unless its really rally bad...and could be construed as a possibel tripping hazzard....

    Put an estimate together and provide the customer with the oppurtunity to "relevel" the grass on the edge of the walkway.....We are in the business to make money, and the only way to make money is to propose jobs....
  8. turfcobob

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    I would suggest you use the Turfco Edge R Rite with "V" trenching blade. I have used this on some lawns and my own drive with the same problem you describe. The "V" Trench blade cuts a (get this) little "V" shaped trench leaving a cut along the sidewalk for the grass tog row into. The width at the top depends on how deep you cut. I cut two inches deep past my drive and the top was about 2 inches wide. I have blue grass and it quickly grew over the edge hiding the cut. The dirt was orginally about one inch higher than the drive and still is two inches away. I had a drainage problem and it is gone now. Took the bluegrass bout two weeks to grow over the rough edges but looks great now and I have a nice mini ditch along my drive for the water to go in.

    You can look at it at It is called the Edge R Rite and the blade is the "V" Trench Blade.
  9. ITL

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    Lawnsite Team Thanks for the options and information. Will take picture this weekend when we get to this yard and try to post picture.


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