Blade engagement on JD F510

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by billmiller54, Apr 21, 2008.

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    I "inheirited" an F510 John Deere near ZTR mover with a campground purchase. It's several years old.

    It runs, but I cannot figure out how to engage the mower blades. Don't have an op manual. I think the left pedal and a pull switch on the right side are involved. When I press the pedal and pull the switch, I hear a click, but nothing happens.

    Any help, including a repair cost guess, would be appreciated.

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    If you hear a click the PTO clutch is working, Look under the engine and make sure the belt is on the clutch pulley. If it still has the deck spindle covers in place remove them and make sure the belt is still on those pulleys.

    Oh, Cost to repair depends upon your mechanical aptitude.....
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    Thanks, belts looks OK. Idler in front is tensioned.

    Any further ideas? I am somewhat adept at repairs.
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    Thanks for your help.

    This unit has two belts to drive the blades. My clutch was engaging and spinning the drive pulley. The two belts share a shaft with one pulley for each belt. The rear belt is supposed to be tensioned from a spring acting on the front belt.

    The problem was the shared shaft rides an idler which allows the front belt to pull on the rear belt. This idler was not swinging freely, thus not tensioning the rear belt. Cleaning, greasing, adjusting the bolt with spacers allows the idler to move now.

    I figured it out when I saw that the blades did not engage when going uphill (belt was un-tensioned) and they did spin when going down hill (belt was tensioned by the bend of the deck). A little more looking and the problem was solved.

    Thanks much, saved me a big repair bill. Love these forums!!


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