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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stonedawg, May 15, 2006.

  1. stonedawg

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    I have a 60" zero turn and I mow a 4 acre field with it. I mow it about every other week. For some reason, it leaves a slightly higher patch right down the middle of my mow path. Could it be my blades? I have sharpened them often, and the are mulching blades. Should I go with a different style of blade for higher grass?? Thanks again guys!
  2. scagwildcat

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    ive had the same problem before, no matter how sharp my blades were it left a uncut line in the middle of my mowing path, try to move the blades around, it helped in my case, i like to call it, (blade timing) / \ /

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    Sounds like your blades the deck needs to be scraped of clippings every day sharp blades or new blades.
  4. chimmygew

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    I would switch to hi lifts instead of mulchers
  5. sdwally

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    Most mowing decks are suppose to be slightly tilted down in the front, they call this the deck attitude. Most manufactures call for the deck to be about 1/2" higher in the rear. With the center spindle being forward of the outside ones, if you deck is level or tilted the other way then that might be your problem. Check your operators manual on how to adjust.
  6. Larry Davis

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    I think you are asking too much from mulch type blades when you say you are mowing a 4 acre "field" once every two weeks. Mulch blades do their best job of producing a smooth cut when the area is mowed frequently. And, as fast as everything grows this time of the year, if you want a nice cut it probably should be done about every 5 days. Even if you were mowing a lawn of nice turf type grass once every 2 weeks, I don't think you would be pleased with the results. Now, if you continue to mow it just once every 2 weeks you probably would get slightly better results with standard or high lift blades but even with these blades you will have to double cut to get everything.
  7. Runner

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    Moving the blades to "time them" is actually a sort of a myth thing The reason being, is that everytime you engage the blades, because the belt tensions are all different for each blade, it changes. Even running the blades changes it a bit but not as much as the engagement. If you want proof to this, take some time out if you like, set them all up straight, then engage the blades. Do it a few times, and you will see they change each and every time.

    The thing about the deck angle, (attitude), this is also more commonly referred to as pitch - being a positive pitch or a negative pitch. 1/2" lower in the front is WAY too much difference. It is recommended at 1/8" difference, and no more than 1/4" difference.
    To address the center streak issue, sometimes, it is just slippage of the center spindle, and commonly, it is the type of blades being used. Here is an example...On my Lazer (60"), When I use the notched foil blades (such as the highlift), it streaks like this. If I use solid foil blades (more commonly found on the standard lift blades), it doesn't leave any streaking. I hope this helps.
  8. mowtech

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    I agree with everything "Runner" says here. From what is described I would bet the center pulley is slipping as he describes. As for deck "Pitch" the higher the height of cut, the greater the pitch can be. It can even be more than 1/4 inch if you are cutting high enough. Generally, in side discharging, the higher the pitch, the lower the power required.
  9. watatrp

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    This may a stab in the dark but look at your blades and see if they are mounted correctly. I had that problem one time in 20 years. I installed one of my three blades upside down. It still cut just fine but was slightly higher than the other two.

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