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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by hmartin, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. hmartin

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    If you are dealing with bermuda, metsulfuron can help with lots of problems. I haven't read about a lot of post about this product, so I guess not many people are using it. It has helped me out a lot this year.

    The control of broadleaf is as good as 3 way type products plus---In the spring it removes rye grass often found here in new home back yards, it does a fair job of removing poa (anything that hurts poa is my friend), it knocks out bahia in the summer, and it did a spectacular job for me on a severe Virgina Buttonweed infestation.

    It seems to have some residual also which is good for me because I have killed all the broadleaf with 3way and then 2 weeks later there are lots more up. It beats 2-4d hands down on wild onion. It is expensive and a little slow, but try it.
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    All we treat is Bermuda and Zyosia, I will look into it. Have you experience any burn spraying it durning the heat of the summer. We have been spraying Lesco 3-way and MSMA for broad leaves. We have had some minor burn but have had great control of Dallis grass and Southern Crabgrass.
  3. hmartin

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    No burning with metsulfuron and since it is soil absorbed I am less afraid of drift compared to phenoxy herbicides.
    While spot spraying when it is hot, I have found that a full rate of 2-4,d will yellow bermuda about as much as MSMA.

    Do you mix 3 way with MSMA? I have heard some people say that you can and some say that you cannot. I know a little MSMA residue in a measuring cup with turn into thick white goo when you pour 2-4,d into the cup.
  4. wrivers

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    Blade is a great product. It also performs well for broadleaf control in St. Augustine. It controlled dollarweed, black medic, and dandelions better than Trimec Southern and with no chlorosis of the turf. It's also great for removing clumps of fescue during the winter months. It works slowly, but very effacacious.
  5. southernsprayguy

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    We use Manor by Nufarm. Very good product. It is expensive but its more expensive for me to have to come back and do a respray.

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