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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jackman, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Jackman

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    What do you use to sharpen blades? I have been useing a regular 8 inch bench grinderit works well I get a nice cut but the edge always comes out a little wavey. I may buy an actual blade grinder from Landscape Supply about 300 dollars. What do you think are the bench grinders as good as the actual blade grinder? Any oppenions are appreciated. Thanks Jack
  2. greengator

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    I sharpen mine with a 4'' angle grinder, works well. Put the blade in a vise and sharpen away. Cheap $25. home depot
  3. ludwiglawncare

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  4. magnamatic dedicated blade grinder ...gets the perfect edge and angle...cut off edge on the work table is a guide thaty lets you get the perfect angle.
  5. hboyd_com

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    ... Magnamatics are the best, but you can get good results with a bastard file or a hand or bench grinder if you have the patience and the time.

    Get a good balancer, not that garbage that was shown in the familyhandyman link.
  6. matthew horner

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    OK, so what can you make or buy to balance a blade after sharpening? Anything from home depot or lowes that will do a good job?
  7. DanTheGrassman

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    did somebody say bastard well you just watch it mister or I'll pul out my half bastard and round bastard files on you!

    I always get a kick out of word bastard files. Does anybody know why they call files bastards? Was it the persons name that invented the file?
    Or just a scruffy foul mouthed mechanic who came up with the term. Come to think of it they always say bastard when they pinch there fingers.

  8. mow2nd

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    Lesco has a bench grinder, I bought about 4 years ago, never gave me any trouble. It also gives the proper angel. I think it was around $350-$400 when I bought it. Bench grinders are ok, but you probably not getting the right angel. which makes all the difference.

    I would say look around and find a blade sharpener that fits your needs. good luck
  9. sildoc

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  10. magnamatic balancer ..gets a true balance

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