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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikeshere89, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. mikeshere89

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    does blade height affect the quality of cut? i have spacers on my exmark metro. factory settings being two on top and two on bottom. i want to cut the grass higher yet have a great cut, i have already raised the deck as high as it will go (3 inches)
  2. stang358

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    With a fixed deck mower, you won't be able to cut much higher than 3" and still give a good cut. You can try taking a spacer from the bottom and putting it on the top. But by doing this, you remove some of the efficiency of the mower and quality of cut.
  3. MTR

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    I also have the Metro. Yes,you cancuthigher than 3" on the Metro deck. Since you raised the rear axle to the highest, you simply put all spacers under casters' arms, also leve just one spacer between blade and spindle for each side.
    By doing this your cutting height is at 4" as by the manual and measurement.
    The cut by Metro at 4" on St. Augustine grass is very beautiful, it 's really smooth and leave beautiful strpe.
    I ride on Jungle Jim's wheels.
  4. Kohls Landscaping Co

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    if you go to much over 3", they grass will start to "lay" and the yards won't look nice...

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