Blade hitting side of mower under Mower???Help

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by vaulta, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. vaulta

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    I changed the spark plug and mower started runs great. I enganged the blades and it was like i hit a rock.I was in my garage and nothing looked too be under it. Stoped the blades right away and know one of the blades is tounching the side of my mower underneith. Iam scared too engage the blades since its touching pretty hard at the end of the blade on the deck. iam so confused?
  2. Vikings

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    What kind of mower?

    I don't know much but I know this.. I bought a 36" toro and it's great. I bought a mulch kit for it and to my surprise it came with blades. So I THOUGHT I had two sets of blades, but I don't. The mulching blades are slightly shorter..and I think if I put my regular blades on now they would jam in the mulch kit.

    I don't care to try it though.
  3. vaulta

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    from Orlando
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    blades engaged fine day before, today started it put the blades on and BAM (sparks), they hit hard real hard like i hit a huge rock. sounded like the blades hit, i think they did. i was scewing around the deck a little today before, and think i messed up the timing belt. i put the mower up, the two blades are hitting each other when i hand spin them and both are firmly touching the sides of the mower deck, like the blades are two big.everything under the deck looks good and tight underneith.deck is not bent, are blades bent so thier hitting the sides of the deck, both blades are hitting the out side under the deck very firmly too firm too run the blades?any help would be awsome. 36" john deere
  4. Daddy Joes Lawn Service

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    Blade not on right on mine there or 2 pins that the blades rest on and another thing is the washer gose on a special way cup side to blade. Found this out the wrong way!
  5. Vikings

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    You must have the wrong blades.
  6. supercuts

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    are you spindle bearing shot?? with the blade on grab the end and yank on it to see if there is any play. if they are bad they can move slightly and if your mower has a tight clearence, they may hit. bent blades cant hit. if not, you have the wrong blades, did you just put them on?
  7. joshco84

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    sounds like wrong blades to me.

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  9. Grass Happens

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    GS 30/GS 15? I had one. yep you need new blades and to set the time on the deck. Go to a deere dealer and get a manual. Thats why I traded mine in. If you hit anything remotely stationary, BOOM! it messes up the timming, and its time for new blades!
  10. stevenf

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    This happened to me and it was my spindle bearings. Sounded like the blades were hitting but there were no marks or indensions where they would have hit. The noise eventually got alot quieter!

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