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    Help. I started to change the blades on my Z this weekend and realized my small shop air compressor does not have enough volume or pressure to break loose the nuts which I understand are torqued to over 100 #'s. I tried to break them loose with a 15/16' box end and hammer but did not not have any luck. I think if I could get a blade holder tool, I could get the right combination of leverage and position and break them loose. If not I will have to either go borrow a stronger compressor or load the mower up and take it to one. Does anyone know where I can get on of the blade holder tools? Thanks in advance.
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    They are at lowes but they are WORTHLESS. Use a piece of wood. Better yet, get a bigger compressor/impact wrench. I use a cordless dewalt impact and have no problems. If you need leverage, use a breaker bar with socket, not box with hammer.
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    Thanks for the replies. I solved the problem. I went to Harbor Freight and bought a 1/2" electric impact wrench for $39.00. It works great and you don't even have to hold the blades to take them off. It hammers for about ten seconds and it then spins the nut right off. It can torque a bolt up to 240 Foot lbs. I did not retighten them that tight but it would be handy for any other tough bolt removal problem you might have.

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