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  1. I am having problems with my Stander 36 going through blade bearing/housing. What is the average time that these bearings wear out? I cut appx 130 residential properties per week. And do they make greaseable housings for this Stander yet? I keep purchasing the sealed housing, and it is getting quite expensive to replace these parts. Also, do they make a re-build kit for this housing?? Thanks.
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    You can buy the bearings and replace them yourself. For the Stander, they are in the $15-20 range from Wright or under $10 from J-Thomas (you need 2 per spindle--I keep at least two on a shelf in case I need them). You'll also need a snap ring tool (sears, etc). It is a little bit hard to drive the bearings out with a hammer (a press would be better), but you can do it with a punch and drive the bearings back in with a homemade tool (block of wood, a pipe, and a hex bolt ground into a circle--or a loan-a-tool from an automotive parts store). Because it takes so much time to replace the bearings, I would like to have a spare spindle so I could rebuild it swap it out and rebuild it later. . .

    I ran over a 10 lbs cast-iron dumbbell (don't ask) at 200 hours with my 36" Stander and had to replace the bearings on one spindle; I probably shortened the life of the other spindles bearings as well (Both blades were bent--I replaced the other two bearings at about 500 hours). I have 500 hours on the first pair of replacement bearings with no problems so far.

    I have 1600 hours on sealed Exmark bearings (but these are much heavier duty bearings than Wrights--1.75" vs 1").

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