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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tonyr, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Tonyr

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    Hi all,

    A curly question...

    What difference does the amount of blade overlap mean on different decks?

    OK, why I ask is...apparently the Ferris IS 3000 has a blade overlap of 1 inch...

    The Hustler Super Z with 60 inch deck has about 2 to 2.5 inch operlap.

    John Deere 757 with 60 inch deck was 1 inch now around 1.5 inches.

    as these are all popular brands why they all have different overlap amounts interests me, e.g ferris and hustler have very similar baffling, off memory the j.d was a stamped deck with different style of baffling used.

    I did not mention Exmark as I emailed them for info on a dealer in my area and a brochure on one of their lazers but they haven't responded, so they miss out on a chance to sell, so far hustler has it tied up. If Exmark wasn't sold in Australia you'd think they could drop me an email saying so, oh well:)

    thanks in advance for your ideas and facts.

  2. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    about an Inch on my encore. If mowers just had the spindles lined up in a strait row, then there would be small strips of uncut turf between the blades. That is the reason the center blade is usually offset to the front, then they move the left and right blades in a little closer, so all the grass is cut evenly and consistently.;)
  3. Tonyr

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    Thanks for that,

    I did know Why they have to overlap, I am curious as to why some brands have more overlap than others?

    E.g 1 inch overlap for one brand, 2 inch overlap on another brand when many of these decks are very similar and meant for the same applications and cut quality clippings velosity etc...


  4. TLS

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    Overlap has little to do with the cut quality.

    You'd be better off asking on here what mower has the better cut.

    There seems to be two schools of thought about overlap.

    1) Says that the more overlap, the better the cut.

    2) Says the closer the blade arcs, the better the cut.

    I feel that there is still a lot to learn in the design of decks and blades in relationship to suction and cut.
  5. Richard Martin

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    The way they arrive at a specific blade overlap is apparently a hit or miss proposition. A big name in commercial mowers has been having a lot of trouble with missed grass between the left an center blade. They had recently increased the blade overlap. Note: There was nothing wrong with the previous configuration.
  6. More overlap will make it less likely to miss grass when mowing while turning.

  7. Meg-Mo

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    With the MEG MO blades we have over come a lot of uncut grass between the blades. Most OEM blades have 1/4 # between the blades when they are lined up and some have more. If blades over lap 1 # going straight forward then very little uncut grass. 1/4 # wear on end of blade and you start the uncut on turn. Then you need new blades. With the MEG MO blades you just buy new knives.
  8. TLS

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    All this talk about 1/4 # (pounders) is gettin me hungry for some hamburgers! :eek:

  9. rodfather

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    You better push yourself away from yoiur keyboard and go and get something to eat. You're starting to lose it son...LOL
  10. Tonyr

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    Thanks everyone, appreciate your thoughts.

    On a brochure from a big brand, j.d, they say they overcame the problem of their mid mount mower deck models leaving stripes when the blades overlapped 1 inch by increasing the overlap to a bit under 2 inches...but the ferris I was told overlaps by only one inch and I haven't heard anyone say this brand leaves stripes...
    (IS 3000)

    I am purchasing the new 28hp EFI Super Z Hustler when they arrive in Australia next month as things look at this stage as this model was a true "what you see is what you get" and everything is "overbuilt" if I can say that, very simple and practical, no bells and whistles. I demoed the current model with 25 hp Kaw engine.

    It was between the Ferris 3000 extreme and the Hustler Super Z, both cut great, only the Hustler could truly mulch...and I need a mulcher. Ferris wins on eye appeal, hustler wins on practability.

    Sorry I got off the track here, must be thinking about those yuck quarter pounders :)

    Beer is better ya know LOL!


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