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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MudslinginFX4, Oct 9, 2006.

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    Up until now I have usually ordered my blades from the dealer, but have decided this time to try out a couple of online companies due to lack of "dealer customer service".

    I can't seem to match my OEM blades with the ones offered on different websites. My OEM blade from Toro is part number 105-7781-03. It is for a
    z453 52'' side discharge.

    Since I can't find an exact cross-refrence number, my questions are:

    1. Most of the websites offer the right size blade but with a 1/2 in hole instead of a 5/8 inch hole. Can I take a drill bit and make the hole larger?

    2. Does it matter if the new blade is heavier, and thicker then the stock blade? Will this effect the way the mower is able to turn the blades?

    3. According to my measurements, from one tip of the blade diagionally across to the other one I am measuring 17 & 13/16 inches. I'm assuming this is a 18'' blade?

    Thanks guys!
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    Cameron, try .My catalog shows they have std. lift, hi lift , & mulch blades in 18 in. lenght w/ 5/8 center hole . Good prices and good people to deal with.

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    1: My only concern here would be if the hole got off center just a little bit, the weight could get way off balance.
    2: If heavier, I'd just make sure to run it only half-throttle when engaging the clutch. Once they get up to full throttle, zoom!
    3: From what I've learned, measuring blades goes from the trailing edge tip to trailing edge tip. In other words, it's measured diagonally across. Too short misses grass. Too long and bump, bump, bump.:dizzy:

    I hate to hear that about your customer service problems. I hope it wasn't the boys out there on Hillsborough St. by the fairgrounds. :(

    By the way, Agri-Supply's blades are cheap and not bad in a pinch.
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    I use catalog has the best discription and pictures of blades of any catalog that I have seen. There is a selection of styles for your size. Good folks to due business with.
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    I have the exact same questions. I have two Toro 52" zero turn mowers. The 19hp with a 1/2" diameter and a 30hp with 5/8". I just purchased 2 sets of 3-18" gator blades both have a 1/2" hole. I didn't realize the difference before I made the transatcion on a E-bay impulse buy.
    I will now puchase 2- 5/8" set of blades instead of drilling a new hole.

    Thanks so much guys. This site really has helped me out. I have found my new career. 1st year in business and making money for hte first time in my life.

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