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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by K c m, Jun 16, 2005.

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    When do you know when a blade is shot? besides the obvious line of grass you may have missed. When i check my 36 the blades are a good inch off each other where they should meet. however it still cuts fantastic and stripes nice. Just curious of what you guys have to say. (all my 36 blades are similar in not matching up.)
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    This is a great question How often do you sharpen and when do you change a blade. I sharpen every 12th mow or if I hit a rock or something unseen that puts a chip in the blade. I would also appreciate a more experienced view on this subject
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    I sharpen ALL my blades once/week but I have 21 blades so the once/week thing is just so I have a whole fresh stack going because when I run peak, I don't got time to sharpen them daily - I swap worn with sharp once/day and I'm done in 2 minutes. Before I stocked up on blades, I had to pull them off and sharpen them every day, but I did it.

    Far as chips and crapola: All my blades get sharpened the same, once or twice over to restore the edge, and that's it. IF this doesn't take care of the chip, too bad, it just has to work itself out over time... I found it's not worth it to sharpen the chip OUT of the steel because then you gotta shave steel off the other side to restore the balance and this causes your blades to last a lot less as you go through the steel very quickly. On average, I can run one set of 3 blades at LEAST one year BUT you have to know what you're doing - Run an old, worn set on a brand-new machine and the high rpm's could make the blade fly apart, sending pieces around the yard at high speed (especially if the mower strikes an object at high rpm).
    To be safe, only run them up to the 'wear' point where the mfg recommends replacing them.

    Now I put sharp blades on my machine EITHER daily OR every 4 yards, whichever comes last.
    The ONLY time blades don't get changed at the end of the day is if I cut LESS than 4 yards AND I have LESS than 4 yards for next grass-cut day.
    And, the ONLY time blades go more than 4 yards is if I have more than that scheduled in a day because it is not practical for me to change them in the field (too much time and bs).

    Truth be known, the 'razors' edge of a sharp blade only lasts about 20 minutes, so to get real technical... But, it's just not practical... When I run peak averaging 10 yards/day, then 10 yards between sharp blades. My record is 12 yards in one day, and that's the MOST I ever cut on one single set of blades.

    More truth: You can cut 20-some yards on the same set, because after the first 2-3 yards it really don't make that much a difference anyhow.

    That the way I do it.
  4. Lawn Masters

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    I'd imagine you should replace the blade when they reach some mark designating the blade as worn out.

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