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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jeff Tracey Enterprises, Oct 2, 2008.

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    I have been looking and using the search tab and really found nothing. I found that some love and some hate the Gator Mulching Blades. I have Gravely ZT2148, I got it used for heck of a deal ( and yes I know it is a residential mower, but I payed 2k for it, it had 215 hours and was recently serviced. Mower looked great and has been working quite well for me.) The only thing I dont like is the blades. I also have a WB Bobcat with Oregon high lift Mulching blades on it and I love them. I have been googling and looking for a couple of weeks now with no luck as far as cross referencing and everything. When I bought the ZTR it had Oregon 91-180, 16.3" .630 Center Hole Blades on it as well as an extra set included. The thing I dont like about them is that they dont mulch, they just cut/chop the blades of grass and it cloggs up pretty bad if the grass is long or wet. I want a blade that mulches well and wont clog up to bad and also can be used year round on Fescue. I know I am a little demanding but it is what I am wanting. Any and all help would be greatly appreciate it. Also, the blades that came with it had a Exmark, Sten and Snapper # on it, but no Gravely or Ariens. Are all these blades interchangable??? Just wondering. Thanks again, Jeff

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