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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by STIHL GUY, May 10, 2010.


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    I have been running mamba high lift mulching blades from jthomas. they are just like gators but wider and they have more lift. It seems that everytime i mow i have to go over the lawn with a leafblower to get rid of clumps. It happens on lawns that are being cut every week and i was wondering if anyone has reccomendations on what blades i should be using. I am also discharging all my lawns with my 14 HP 48'' bobcat mower. Thanks
  2. ajslands

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    maybe your cutting too low and your blades are fine. or since its spring, you would expect this because the grass grows faster. or maybe you should sharpen your blades.

    just a few maybe's,
  3. mowerbrad

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    I'd try standard high lifts. The gator types typically have less discharge velocity and are known to clump. The gator type are great for bagging though.

    With the standard high lifts, you will get greater discharge velocity and will see more even clipping dispersal. Depending on the growth that you are cutting, you could still see some clumps.

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    even when im cutting with the deck all the way up this happens and i sharpen my blades every week
  5. tstutz

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    I think the answer is to double cut and i saw on another thread this is something you hate. LOL! sorry but sometimes you just have to do it, like it or not. If quality is what your after and im sure it is then this might be what your forced to do.
  6. Lehighlawnpros

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    Consider upgrading to a more powerful mower in the future.

    Back 16 1/2 years ago when I started out with a 14 or 16 HP
    Briggs and Stratton air cooled engine and 48" side discharge
    deck I had nothing but trouble with clippings and clumps
    during the growing season, always double cutting.

    A year or so later I began using a 21 HP liquid-cooled Kubota
    gas engine and 60" side discharge and it was a huge improvement.

    Now using a 22 HP liquid-cooled Kubota diesel and 52" mulching deck which is even better.
    The clippings simply disappear and we never need to double cut.
    The only time we have clumps is if we are mowing in the rain and/or extremely weedy turf.

    We're probably mowing different types of grass than you, but I still
    think that increased power/torque would make a big difference for you,
    maybe try a demo machine and see for yourself in your normal mowing conditions.

    I've always used high lifts for discharging, and normal medium lifts for mulching with good results.

    In my opinion, mulching rules, both for safety and for not throwing clippings into the beds,
    but you do need sufficient power/torque to make the clippings disappear.
  7. Hoss27

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    I would try a regular set of high lifts, then if you still have trouble try and demo a more powerful machine.
  8. TLS

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    As others have said....ditch the mulching blades and get a set of REGULAR high lift blades.

    Your cut, suction, and discharge will improve dramatically.

    Toothed mulching blades are good for fall leaf clean-ups only.
  9. Frue

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    These gators, mulchers, aligator, crocodile, mumba, scumba, cobra we can mulch anything are all JUNK. Standard high lift blades only. When its leaf season then you can throw them on.

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    alright thanks guys. im going to be switching over to regular high lifts within a week or so

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